Hello !

My name is Emily and I founded Jardin des Bijoux in October 2019.

Let me tell you the story of this project that is so close to my heart.

As a marketing student with a passion for jewelry, I've always loved dressing up my outfits with my own jewelry arrangements, but I could never find my happiness in the ensembles offered by brands.

The idea and the desire to create my own brand of minimalist jewelry came to me spontaneously: to propose sets of necklaces and refined jewelry of quality.

So I have proposed a first selection of stainless steel necklaces, along with water resistant bracelets and rings. All sold individually to allow you to create your own compositions!

Emily du Jardin des Bijoux
Jardin des Bijoux

"Why Jardin des Bijoux?" you may ask. Simply because a garden is in my eyes the most beautiful thing that can be found on our planet: it is a place of sentimental pleasure, of peaceful rest, of solitary or shared reverie, where one cultivates sets of flowers with incredible colors, forming floral compositions of extraordinary beauty.

During the first year of the brand, I was making and shipping your orders myself. But being a student, I didn't have enough time to concentrate on the development of the brand and my studies.

In view of the increase of your orders and in order to satisfy you at best, I had to turn to a logistics company having a capacity to carry out a larger number of orders. Your orders are now prepared and shipped by a team of professionals located in France and more precisely in Rots in Normandy.

Jardin des Bijoux

Seeing your satisfaction growing with the release of my collections, I decided to devote myself fully to this wonderful project, by approaching experts in brand development. I then met my two benevolent investors, Arnaud and Bastien, who saw in me this passion for minimalist jewelry. Today, their support in the evolution of the brand allows us to offer you exceptional collections with an incomparable shopping experience and customer service.

And the team continues to grow! I have also surrounded myself with ambassadors who pamper our brand, with our community manager Maria, as well as our Italian photographer Dario who takes care of the visuals.

I want to wholeheartedly thank you for all of your orders and for allowing us to continue to bring you our minimalist jewelry sets! ♡

See you all soon,

Jardin des Bijoux